What To Visit In Panama During Your Vacation

Panama is very much visited by tourists because it has a variety of beautiful tourist attractions. This country has one of the most famous places, the Panama Canal. Surely you have often heard this canal, haven’t you? Besides that, you must be curious about what to visit in Panama.

You can do many activities in Panama. This is because Panama has many tourist attractions, ranging from beaches, historical buildings, national parks, and so on. Here are what to visit in Panama and make sure you do not miss out on visiting these places:

1.     Playa Coronado

Many tourists visit this tourist spot because of the beauty of the amazing beach. Therefore, this beach is very suitable for you to visit. The location of this beach is located in the city of Coronado. This beach is famous for its clear seawater and soft white sand.

You will find a lot of lodging like famous resorts. But you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a lot of budgets to stay at these famous resorts. There are also hostels around. However, it does not have its own swimming pool and does not have spacious rooms.

2.     Boca Brava Island

This island has a high tourist attraction. Besides having a beautiful view, this island is Panama’s paradise. The location of this island is off the Pacific coast of Panama, in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Therefore, this place is only a mile and a half from the small mainland village of Boca Chica.

This island has an amazing place on Bahia de Muertos, which is a place for the growth of coral reefs. The island is also a popular tourist destination because it is often used as a great fishing competition. Furthermore, the island is not large enough but it is very beautiful to visit.

3.     Diabla Island

This island is located in a group of small islands in the northeastern part of the city of Panama. This small and remote island has an extraordinary natural appeal and makes it a beautiful island in Panama.

This island has many facilities that support the various needs of its visitors. Such as various forms of private cottages to dormitories complete with bathrooms. There is also a small bar and restaurant that makes this beach very comfortable for you to enjoy.

4.     Panama Viejo

This place is very famous therefore many people don’t want to miss it to visit this place. Panama Viejo has an important Panamanian important history. A captain destroyed Panama in 1671 and left many traces of destruction.

But since then Panama has become one of the most important Spanish trading cities in the entire Pacific. You can see the remaining ruins and still cover a lot of lands. Moreover, you can also see the remaining buildings, such as cathedrals, churches to monasteries, hospitals, and walls made of stone

5.     Soberania National Park

This national park has a famous road, the Pipeline Road that can allow you to see the beautiful scenery. The pipeline gives you the opportunity to take insights like Panamanian wildlife throughout the green forest. You can do hiking here and the further you hike, you will see many animals here.

Various animals here are monkeys, sloths, and others. Animals here are more active in the morning, so if you want to see more of their activities, come here before 9 am.

Now you know more about what to visit in Panama. Panama has many beautiful tourist attractions and offers a great experience for you. Of the five tourist attractions above, which one do you want to visit the most?