Things About Sippy Cup vs Straw Cup for Your Kids Development

It is amazing to see our kids’ development. Day by day they through their milestones to be completely skilled. One of the important things you must pay attention is their oral motor strength. Not many parents realize that it is affected by their bottle. Since they moved from breastfeeding or bottle to the cup, you must ensure choosing the right one. Thus, sippy cup vs straw cup became a discussion in several forums.

Actually, both of them are kids’ tools to help them being independence. But, as time goes by, also the research improves, sippy cup vs straw cup becomes a matter. Several moms are confused, whether skip the sippy cup or make it as one of the processes. On the other hand, not all kids can directly use a straw to drink. See a glance discussion below, hopefully, it can ease your doubt:

1.      Strength Development

Drinking is not only about being hydrated. It could be one of the activities that exercise your kids’ mouth strength. Using a sippy cup doesn’t mean it cannot train the mouth muscle. Because it depends on the hard and soft its spouts. While using a straw cup is mostly choose by people because it builds cheek, lip, and tongue strength at the same time.

2.      Lingual Lisp

While your concern about their mouth development, you also care about their communication. The tongue position determines the production of certain letters, such as /s/, /z/, or /r/. A sippy cup will put the tongue to a forward resting position. This might cause the lingual lisp. On the other hand, drinking from straw cup requires a whole muscle to work together.

3.      Teeth Position

Wearing braces is also a concern for every parent. We don’t say that braces are not good. But it is better to avoid as long as you can do prevention. Using a sippy cup encourages a tongue to push the upper teeth forward and outward. This position is actually bad for the long term. Because the position of the upper incisors needs to be corrected by braces. Compared to the straw cup, the swallow pattern is different. So, you can minimize the potential of wearing braces.

4.      The Cleanliness

One of the reasons why parents choose a sippy cup is this cup keeps the room clean. If you see the design between the sippy cup and straw cup, they are very different. Parents have no worry to let their kids drinking from a sippy cup. Because it is free from a leak. Thus, the sippy cup is often a bridge before the kids use the real glass.

5.      Thumb Sucking Alternative

It is normal to see your baby’s sucking their thumb. But you must stop it slowly when they get a toddler. That is why some parents choose a sippy cup in the bridging process. The spout is quite similar to the thumb. In contrast, straw cannot offer the same sensation. However, many pediatricians suggest that don’t let it for long. It is okay to make a sippy cup as a temporary substitute.

Whether a sippy cup or straw cup has its own function. Even though you see both of them are for drinking function, they offer different basic purposes. If you need more detail about the sippy cup vs straw cup, then see the doctor is the best. Furthermore, bring your kids to the dentist is also the best thing to do.