Shocking! This is Top 4 Countries With the Most Advanced Medical Science

Nowadays, as the era has changed a lot, many types of diseases are popping up. Those diseases make many people dying. On the other hand, many country faces a serious impact because of that. Every country in this whole world is trying its best to get a piece of better knowledge in medical science. As a result, there are countries with the most advanced medical science.

Today, better medical science is integrated with the development of technology. Moreover, the newest technology gives a better chance for some diseases to get well in a short time. We try to write down the top countries with the most advanced medical science for you. Scroll down and let’s check this to give you further information.

1. The United Kingdom

The UK is trying his best to get the newest innovation in medical science. That is to say, the UK has spent £150 million in research to develop his medical technology. They spent a billion dollars in biotech research to get better technology. Big universities like the University College Londen play a central position in the research. They joined with four British hospitals and doing some research with more than a £2 billion fund. The government’s policy in providing the tax of biotech companies gives a big development in their medical science.

2. Canada

Canada is the second country that focused on developing the biotech companies. On the other hand, they doing a big investment in growing up nanotechnology and stem cell sectors. Above all, they have forward-thinking that medical science will be focused on cells and focused on it. It is because as the smallest part of our body, cells play a central position on our health. Besides, Canada also has a big industry in health technology that sized more than $90 billion.

3. China

As a country with the largest citizens, China has a big mission to bring them better medical science. They spent a lot of money to fund some research in this sector. In other words, it has cost $140 billion to invest in reforming the health sector. As a result, China becomes the third-largest market of pharmaceuticals instrument in this world. BGI Shenzen still holds the largest biotech firm in this country with large assets. The government’s good policies improving with large investments succeed put China in this place.

4. India

India is one of the countries with the most advanced medical science in this world. Their government give a big contribution to the health technology sector. As a result, those sector is growing up farther from what they had before. This country had more than 400 biotechnology firms with big investment. Myers Squibb as the largest companies hold a central role in India’s medical science growth. Besides, the government expects the market of this sector to increase to $73 billion in 2020.

It is shocking while we are not seeing the United States of America on that top 4 countries with the most advanced medical science. A big country doesn’t ensure that they also had an advanced medical science. Maybe the US still focused on other business so they didn’t too focused on this sector.