4 Largest Shopping Mall and Stores in the World

4 Largest Shopping Mall and Stores in the World

Yes, online shopping is indeed helpful to buy your favorite product. But sometimes, you may just want to go to a mall. More than just purchasing things, in a mall, you may do window shopping. Often, only taking a look at products around just makes you feel more relaxed and refreshed. In case you want to go to a big mall, there are some recommendations. Some malls in the world are considered the largest ones on the planet. What are they? Here is the list.

New South China Mall

If you have a chance to go to China, make sure to visit the largest mall in the country and even in the world. It is New South China Mall with large of 6.46 million square feet. It is located in Dongguan and features 7 zones. Each zone represents the icon of the city. For example, there are the Arc de Triomphe and the Venetian Gondola. A rollercoaster is available also for you who want to have fun. The rollercoaster is placed in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Golden Resources Mall in China

Before the record was broken by New South China Mall, Golden Resources Mall was the largest mall in the country and in the world. Unfortunately, the number of visitors is less than what was expected. The developed was initially predicted that the number of shoppers and visitors coming is around 50 thousand. But the fact is far fewer than that. Yes, this mall is designed to be exclusive with expensive and branded stuff. It is considered one of the reasons why people tend to be lazy to visit the mall.

Central World

Central World of Bangkok was opened in 1990 and is known as the biggest shopping mall in Thailand. Different from Golden Resources Mall that looks more exclusive; this mall indeed targets people with low to middle-class income as visitors. That’s why; this mall tends to be more crowded almost every day. 

SM Mall Asia

The fourth rank of the largest mall in the world is located in Metro Manila, the Philippines. The mall was launched in 2006 with only 4 buildings. Interestingly, there is a tram with 20 setters to take you around the mall. So, in case you are just tired walking, this unique transportation device is the best choice. The main spot to visit is an IMAX theatre with the world’s biggest 3D screen. This way, SM Mall of Asia is more than just the largest shopping mall in the country.