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Best Attraction At Galway Ireland, The Place You Must Visit

As a travel lover, Galway is one of the finest destinations. This harbor city is located in the west of Ireland. There you can find a place that still retains some portion of medieval city walls. And that will give you historical vibes. As one of the tourist destinations, Galway has many spots that interesting to visit. Not only historical places, but you can also see the culture of this place such as the flavor of the food, music performance and the festival. Moreover, Galway also offers other interesting places to visit. So if you have a plan to visit Galway, here is the best attraction at Galway Ireland.

1. Festival Time

If you want to know the best attraction at Galway Ireland, then the festival is definitely on the list. The most famous Galway festival you should visit is the summer festival or The Galway race. It lasts seven days and their many events such as racing, fashions, and other fun events. Not only the Galway race, but you can also also be amazed at the International Arts Festival in July and do not forget about the greatest festival in the world, International Oyster Festival. If you’re the type that enjoys the party atmosphere, then the festivals in Galway will e satisfying.

2. Galway Market

When visiting Galway, do not forget to go to the Galway market. It is a street market that has lasted for centuries. You can visit this place on Saturday as it is the day dedicated to standout for food. There you will find the farmers sell out their finest and fresh product, and stall that sell art. Moreover, you can also find ready-to-eat dishes which will prevent your stomach from grumbling.

3. Galway City Museum

Galway city is not only famous in culture or art, but it is also held a long history that’s worth to know. And so, this Galway City Museum is a part of the best attraction at Galway Ireland. In this museum, you can walk and see-through Galway’s collection from the prehistoric and medieval age. And this place is the best place to gather more knowledge about Galway and how it looked in the late 19 century. After finish walking, you can enjoy  a cup of coffee and cake in the nice floor café with Spanish Arch as the View

4. Salthill Promenade

If you have a plan to go to Galway, you should visit Salthill Promenade. It is a good place to pass the time. The locals usually take a seaside stroll in this 2 km-long promenade. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea. And if you are brave enough, you can also swim there. At the end of your stroll, you should kick the wall according to the traditional dictate. It is said for good luck. But, if you don’t believe it, you can just grab the fish and sit on the beach, watch the Atlantic Ocean as its light changes.

There still many places to visit, but if you’re looking for the best attraction at Galway Ireland, then you can visit all of the places. Just enjoy your trip in Galway and its medieval vibes

Tips for Baby’s Haircut for The First Time

Getting your baby in style is always exciting. It is fun to mix and match the cloth and accessories. But, how about the hair? Moreover, when they are boys, it is common to cut the hair. Even though some parents choose long hair for the son, at least they cannot allow the hair as same as the girls. Thus, haircutting becomes a thing for them. If you are confused about how to cut the hair, you need to read this article. Here you can find the tips for baby’s haircut.

Indeed, you no need to think about how to cut the hair. All you have to concern is how to let them know that cutting the hair is necessary. For those who never cut the hair or go to the salon, haircutting will be challenging. Because it is their first experience. We often find many babies are fear and full of tears when entering the salon. Below are the tips for baby’s haircut, just in case your baby is screaming out inside:

1. Bring Extra Shirt

It is necessary for their comfort. Just in case the salon doesn’t put the cape or maybe your baby doesn’t feel good with it. The cut hair will make an itch to the baby’s skin. They are probably crying louder for a double reason. First, due to their fear. And the second, they feel itchy. That is why the extra shirt might help you to ease the problem.

2. Pick the Right Time

Never bring your baby to a haircut in their nap time or when they feel hungry. Unless you are enjoying their scream. Also, avoid bringing them in their snacking time. Those times are the cranky moment that absolutely doesn’t fit for the salon’s appointment. You are the parent, so you have to know when is the baby relax and ready for something new.

3. Bring the Toy

Besides the extra shirt, the toy also has to be in the bag. Bring their favorite toys, books, or prepare the videos they love to watch. Those things can switch their attention instead of focusing on the process. Indeed, it will take you an effort and you might need a helping hand. So, it is better to go together both of you the dad and the mom.

4. Work with the Right Stylish

We know that there are lots of baby’s salon there. But it doesn’t guarantee your baby won’t scream. On the other hand, when you go to the baby’s salon, make sure you choose the right stylish. Choose the one who usually works with the baby. It doesn’t for calming the baby, but also the safety. Because it needs more attention to cut the baby’s hair due to their soft skin.

5. Avoid Word “Cut”

It seems scary to hear “cut”. Actually, we never know what makes your baby feels scared. But one of the ways you can do is not using the word “cut”. It will be more interesting telling them for “hairstyling”. The word “style” is more fun and enjoyable. 

Last, all we can suggest is don’t be doubt to let your baby sits on your lap. The stylish won’t ask you to sit on the race-car chair. Those are about the tips for baby’s haircut. Now it is time to find the style!

5 Effortless Ways About How to Look Chic All the Time

Everyone has their own style in fashion. It depends on their taste and preference. Surprisingly, some of them can create their style is being followed by many people. One of the most chosen ones is a chic style. It is a look when you wear a smart and elegance outfit. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Within the chic style, people will think that you are a neat and full of manner person. If you work for a company, then you might need these tricks about how to look chic all the time.

The basic chic look is simple. You don’t need many accessories and a colorful outfit. Even this style is already simple, sometimes it takes time to mix and match. You might be confused about which scarf is good for the meeting, which blazer is good with the inner, and many more. In fact, chic style doesn’t require you to think much. Here the effortless ways about how to look chic all the time:

1. Limit Your Color

It is common to limit color on your body only for three colors. Also, the combination of warm and cool colors must be your concern too. Thus, don’t pick too many colors because it will far from chic looks and makes you very crowded. When you limit your color, it is easier to mix and match the outfit.

2. Natural Makeup

Just like combining the color, so does for your make up too. You might already know “makeup-no-makeup”. Yes, it is the best look if you are choosing a chic style. It is better for you to be classic. To get a stronger chic vibe, you must concern for the hairdo too. Even though you set the minimalist make up, but your hair-do seems extreme, all you get is a glamour impression.

3. Layering

Sometimes people are misunderstanding about a chic and casual look. Indeed, both of them are quite the same. But, actually, there is a different sense. While casual look requires you the very basic element, like jeans combined with a t-shirt. On the other hand, that looks will turn to be chic when you add the blazer. All we want to say is when you are layering your outfit and get a more official look, then you change into a chic vibe.

4. Pick One Outstanding Piece

If you have a favorite part, it is okay to be bold. But, remember, you are only allowed to highlight one side. For example, you really love your jacket, then show what you have on it. Or, you want to stand out with the pants, then show people it.

5. Choose Natural Fabric

One thing that people don’t realize is about the fabric. Several people think that they are already in a chic look. But when you touch the fabric, it doesn’t show what it should be. Choose the breathable one is the right option. Besides it comforts you, you will free to move too.

Chic is only one of the looks. However, if you don’t manner as you show, your style means nothing. The tips on how to look chic all the time above are just the methods. In fact, everything is on yourself of how you present your personality to the crowd.

What To Visit In Panama During Your Vacation

Panama is very much visited by tourists because it has a variety of beautiful tourist attractions. This country has one of the most famous places, the Panama Canal. Surely you have often heard this canal, haven’t you? Besides that, you must be curious about what to visit in Panama.

You can do many activities in Panama. This is because Panama has many tourist attractions, ranging from beaches, historical buildings, national parks, and so on. Here are what to visit in Panama and make sure you do not miss out on visiting these places:

1.     Playa Coronado

Many tourists visit this tourist spot because of the beauty of the amazing beach. Therefore, this beach is very suitable for you to visit. The location of this beach is located in the city of Coronado. This beach is famous for its clear seawater and soft white sand.

You will find a lot of lodging like famous resorts. But you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a lot of budgets to stay at these famous resorts. There are also hostels around. However, it does not have its own swimming pool and does not have spacious rooms.

2.     Boca Brava Island

This island has a high tourist attraction. Besides having a beautiful view, this island is Panama’s paradise. The location of this island is off the Pacific coast of Panama, in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Therefore, this place is only a mile and a half from the small mainland village of Boca Chica.

This island has an amazing place on Bahia de Muertos, which is a place for the growth of coral reefs. The island is also a popular tourist destination because it is often used as a great fishing competition. Furthermore, the island is not large enough but it is very beautiful to visit.

3.     Diabla Island

This island is located in a group of small islands in the northeastern part of the city of Panama. This small and remote island has an extraordinary natural appeal and makes it a beautiful island in Panama.

This island has many facilities that support the various needs of its visitors. Such as various forms of private cottages to dormitories complete with bathrooms. There is also a small bar and restaurant that makes this beach very comfortable for you to enjoy.

4.     Panama Viejo

This place is very famous therefore many people don’t want to miss it to visit this place. Panama Viejo has an important Panamanian important history. A captain destroyed Panama in 1671 and left many traces of destruction.

But since then Panama has become one of the most important Spanish trading cities in the entire Pacific. You can see the remaining ruins and still cover a lot of lands. Moreover, you can also see the remaining buildings, such as cathedrals, churches to monasteries, hospitals, and walls made of stone

5.     Soberania National Park

This national park has a famous road, the Pipeline Road that can allow you to see the beautiful scenery. The pipeline gives you the opportunity to take insights like Panamanian wildlife throughout the green forest. You can do hiking here and the further you hike, you will see many animals here.

Various animals here are monkeys, sloths, and others. Animals here are more active in the morning, so if you want to see more of their activities, come here before 9 am.

Now you know more about what to visit in Panama. Panama has many beautiful tourist attractions and offers a great experience for you. Of the five tourist attractions above, which one do you want to visit the most?

Shocking! This is Top 4 Countries With the Most Advanced Medical Science

Nowadays, as the era has changed a lot, many types of diseases are popping up. Those diseases make many people dying. On the other hand, many country faces a serious impact because of that. Every country in this whole world is trying its best to get a piece of better knowledge in medical science. As a result, there are countries with the most advanced medical science.

Today, better medical science is integrated with the development of technology. Moreover, the newest technology gives a better chance for some diseases to get well in a short time. We try to write down the top countries with the most advanced medical science for you. Scroll down and let’s check this to give you further information.

1. The United Kingdom

The UK is trying his best to get the newest innovation in medical science. That is to say, the UK has spent £150 million in research to develop his medical technology. They spent a billion dollars in biotech research to get better technology. Big universities like the University College Londen play a central position in the research. They joined with four British hospitals and doing some research with more than a £2 billion fund. The government’s policy in providing the tax of biotech companies gives a big development in their medical science.

2. Canada

Canada is the second country that focused on developing the biotech companies. On the other hand, they doing a big investment in growing up nanotechnology and stem cell sectors. Above all, they have forward-thinking that medical science will be focused on cells and focused on it. It is because as the smallest part of our body, cells play a central position on our health. Besides, Canada also has a big industry in health technology that sized more than $90 billion.

3. China

As a country with the largest citizens, China has a big mission to bring them better medical science. They spent a lot of money to fund some research in this sector. In other words, it has cost $140 billion to invest in reforming the health sector. As a result, China becomes the third-largest market of pharmaceuticals instrument in this world. BGI Shenzen still holds the largest biotech firm in this country with large assets. The government’s good policies improving with large investments succeed put China in this place.

4. India

India is one of the countries with the most advanced medical science in this world. Their government give a big contribution to the health technology sector. As a result, those sector is growing up farther from what they had before. This country had more than 400 biotechnology firms with big investment. Myers Squibb as the largest companies hold a central role in India’s medical science growth. Besides, the government expects the market of this sector to increase to $73 billion in 2020.

It is shocking while we are not seeing the United States of America on that top 4 countries with the most advanced medical science. A big country doesn’t ensure that they also had an advanced medical science. Maybe the US still focused on other business so they didn’t too focused on this sector.

Things About Sippy Cup vs Straw Cup for Your Kids Development

It is amazing to see our kids’ development. Day by day they through their milestones to be completely skilled. One of the important things you must pay attention is their oral motor strength. Not many parents realize that it is affected by their bottle. Since they moved from breastfeeding or bottle to the cup, you must ensure choosing the right one. Thus, sippy cup vs straw cup became a discussion in several forums.

Actually, both of them are kids’ tools to help them being independence. But, as time goes by, also the research improves, sippy cup vs straw cup becomes a matter. Several moms are confused, whether skip the sippy cup or make it as one of the processes. On the other hand, not all kids can directly use a straw to drink. See a glance discussion below, hopefully, it can ease your doubt:

1.      Strength Development

Drinking is not only about being hydrated. It could be one of the activities that exercise your kids’ mouth strength. Using a sippy cup doesn’t mean it cannot train the mouth muscle. Because it depends on the hard and soft its spouts. While using a straw cup is mostly choose by people because it builds cheek, lip, and tongue strength at the same time.

2.      Lingual Lisp

While your concern about their mouth development, you also care about their communication. The tongue position determines the production of certain letters, such as /s/, /z/, or /r/. A sippy cup will put the tongue to a forward resting position. This might cause the lingual lisp. On the other hand, drinking from straw cup requires a whole muscle to work together.

3.      Teeth Position

Wearing braces is also a concern for every parent. We don’t say that braces are not good. But it is better to avoid as long as you can do prevention. Using a sippy cup encourages a tongue to push the upper teeth forward and outward. This position is actually bad for the long term. Because the position of the upper incisors needs to be corrected by braces. Compared to the straw cup, the swallow pattern is different. So, you can minimize the potential of wearing braces.

4.      The Cleanliness

One of the reasons why parents choose a sippy cup is this cup keeps the room clean. If you see the design between the sippy cup and straw cup, they are very different. Parents have no worry to let their kids drinking from a sippy cup. Because it is free from a leak. Thus, the sippy cup is often a bridge before the kids use the real glass.

5.      Thumb Sucking Alternative

It is normal to see your baby’s sucking their thumb. But you must stop it slowly when they get a toddler. That is why some parents choose a sippy cup in the bridging process. The spout is quite similar to the thumb. In contrast, straw cannot offer the same sensation. However, many pediatricians suggest that don’t let it for long. It is okay to make a sippy cup as a temporary substitute.

Whether a sippy cup or straw cup has its own function. Even though you see both of them are for drinking function, they offer different basic purposes. If you need more detail about the sippy cup vs straw cup, then see the doctor is the best. Furthermore, bring your kids to the dentist is also the best thing to do.

4 Largest Shopping Mall and Stores in the World

4 Largest Shopping Mall and Stores in the World

Yes, online shopping is indeed helpful to buy your favorite product. But sometimes, you may just want to go to a mall. More than just purchasing things, in a mall, you may do window shopping. Often, only taking a look at products around just makes you feel more relaxed and refreshed. In case you want to go to a big mall, there are some recommendations. Some malls in the world are considered the largest ones on the planet. What are they? Here is the list.

New South China Mall

If you have a chance to go to China, make sure to visit the largest mall in the country and even in the world. It is New South China Mall with large of 6.46 million square feet. It is located in Dongguan and features 7 zones. Each zone represents the icon of the city. For example, there are the Arc de Triomphe and the Venetian Gondola. A rollercoaster is available also for you who want to have fun. The rollercoaster is placed in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Golden Resources Mall in China

Before the record was broken by New South China Mall, Golden Resources Mall was the largest mall in the country and in the world. Unfortunately, the number of visitors is less than what was expected. The developed was initially predicted that the number of shoppers and visitors coming is around 50 thousand. But the fact is far fewer than that. Yes, this mall is designed to be exclusive with expensive and branded stuff. It is considered one of the reasons why people tend to be lazy to visit the mall.

Central World

Central World of Bangkok was opened in 1990 and is known as the biggest shopping mall in Thailand. Different from Golden Resources Mall that looks more exclusive; this mall indeed targets people with low to middle-class income as visitors. That’s why; this mall tends to be more crowded almost every day. 

SM Mall Asia

The fourth rank of the largest mall in the world is located in Metro Manila, the Philippines. The mall was launched in 2006 with only 4 buildings. Interestingly, there is a tram with 20 setters to take you around the mall. So, in case you are just tired walking, this unique transportation device is the best choice. The main spot to visit is an IMAX theatre with the world’s biggest 3D screen. This way, SM Mall of Asia is more than just the largest shopping mall in the country.

4 Best American Shopping Sites for Fashion

4 Best American Shopping Sites for Fashion

What are the best American shopping sites for clothes and shopping items? Talking about general e-commerce and shopping sites, we may have Amazon and Ebay. Then, how is if you only want to buy fashion items? Is there any recommended fashion store in the US to choose? Interestingly, there are so many of them. Even some of them are always included in the best shopping sites in the country and in the world. What are they?


Asos is indeed based on the UK. However, it is currently the biggest online retailer in the USA. This site becomes the favorite one in the realm of fashionista due to the wide collections. If you are looking for original designer products, it is really the best choice. But if your money is limited, you should not worry also. Many products from Asos are still considered affordable for many realms of people. Sure, the quality is still good and maintained well.

Nasty Gal

Compared to some other shopping sites and retailers, Nasty Gal is still considered new. Yes, it was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006. However, it just proves that the store can compete well with the seniors. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the Nasty Gal is named as the fastest growing retailer by INC Magazine. Many collections are available in this fashion online store. Even if you are looking for vintage fashion items, visiting Nasty Gal is the best choice.


Similar to Nasty Gal, Everlane provides many types of fashion items. They are for men and women in various designs and sizes. if you are looking for specific clothes for winter or swimsuit, you can go here also. Everlane is getting more interesting to visit for promotions and discounts available. If you are lucky, you can even get some more benefits like free shipping. Shopping in Everlane is easy and convenient. Besides, the customers’ service is really friendly also.


Revolve hunts women as the customers and marketing targets. Yes, fashion items available in this online store are specifically for women. But if you also want to buy some items for your husband or boyfriend, that’s okay. Some male products are available although the number is limited. Enjoy various branded and designer products here. The prices are reasonable as well as there are many discounts and coupons given. Being founded in 2003, Revolve tries to improve its site to be the biggest women fashion store in the US.

Top 5 News Headlines Around the World

As many big things happen in a while, the top 5 news headlines had flooded the world. The events were rather surprising. It’s really unexpected to see this news suddenly appears.

The Death of Isis Leader

Isis leader, Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi has exploded himself in an operation led by US forces. It was a successful mission without casualty from the delta forces except a minor injury of a dog. The dog chased and cornered the isis leader that he had to ignite his suicide vest. Later, the DNA test and biometric test confirm that the remains really belongs to the isis leader. Trump praises all the delta forces and even the dog that injured in the operation. It was a step forward for world peace.

New Brexit Deadline

The new Brexit deadline is extended to January 31, 2020. Donald Tusk, the president of the European Union Council, agreed that EU would grant the United Kingdom a flextension. It means, if the United Kingdom parliament could ratify the new Brexit deal clearly, they could depart on December 1 or January 1.

the United Kingdom Prime Minister seems had failed to actualize his statement that he would take the United Kingdom out of European Union by October 31. The slogan “do or die” is irrelevant as the law forced the Prime minister to postpone the deal. 

Indian toddler stuck in borewell found dead

Sujth Wilson, a two years old toddler, was stuck in a narrow well. Initially, he was stuck on a 10 meters deep, but then he has fallen further into 180 meters deep well. The well is located in Tamil Nadu, India. Rescuers attempted to keep the toddler alive by pumping oxygen into the well. But the mud seems to cover up the air from the toddler. To pull him up, a second hole parallel to the well was drilled using a Germany machinery tool. 

Unluckily, when he was pulled up, he was already dead. The wound was even decomposed. The autopsy was done in a government hospital before the body was sent back to the family. Later, his parents buried him in the morning. This news becomes the top 5 news headlines that even the Indian prime minister delivered his condolences.

California faces huge powercut

As a wildfire rages, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) shut off the electric power to 970.000 homes and business. It was done because the wildfire risk soared. To avoid further damage, the electricity power as cut. The mass power shutoff was begun on Saturday afternoon and affects nearly one million customers. The area includes California’s wine country, San Francisco, and Sierra Foothills. The wildfire called Getty fire is getting wilder as the dry strong wind blew.

On of Sinaloa cartel successfully took back his brother from Mexico forces

Ivan Archivaldo Guzman was successfully lead a dramatic counter attack to rescue his half brother. He launched an attack that threatened the civil people and securities family. If his brother is not returned, he would make Mexico in extraordinary chaos. Responding to the threats, the Mexico forces return the son of el cheapo to avoid undesirable things. The dramatic action went into the top 5 news headlines.

What to Do When People Ask You; Give Me The Latest News

What to Do When People Ask You; Give Me The Latest News

Have you ever gotten a command “give me the latest news” from anyone—it can be your friends, relatives, or even it is a task from your teacher. So it means you have to read more than one resources to sum up one information about the latest news. There is also the structure of telling the news to other people, basically here are the structure of the news : 

  1. Headline—it is also known as the title of the news that contains the first or opening information of it 
  2. Deadline—after you have some up a lot of news make the conclusion, you also need to mention the resource of that news. In this part the things that you have to tell them are the name of the websites, the place where the phenomena happened, and when did that phenomena happen
  3. Lead—it contains the main information of the phenomena 
  4. Body—this part is used to elaborate on the main information so the people who will get the news that you have given will get the whole information 

Even though you do not report and make the news directly, you have to make sure that people who ask “give me the latest news” get the right information. When you only read from one resource and do not compare to another website, it will also make some problems. Here is the case, you do not really understand about that news because you only read from one resource and the person who ask you to tell that news gets some questions related to that news but you actually are not really sure whether you have the right answer or not, so you just answer the question based on your mind and heart. After that it turns out that the answers that you have given are not 100% right, the other day there is another person who asked about the same news to the person that asks you “give me the latest news” and he or she also gave the same information which is not 100% right. So it is like you are telling the fake news to some people through one person. 

The thing is, we all need to master and know the facts before we tell it to anyone. Sometimes the person who asks you to tell the news to them are not able again to read (example : old people) or it is a task from your teacher. So make sure everything is right and clear in the beginning.