4 Largest Shopping Mall and Stores in the World

4 Largest Shopping Mall and Stores in the World

Yes, online shopping is indeed helpful to buy your favorite product. But sometimes, you may just want to go to a mall. More than just purchasing things, in a mall, you may do window shopping. Often, only taking a look at products around just makes you feel more relaxed and refreshed. In case you want to go to a big mall, there are some recommendations. Some malls in the world are considered the largest ones on the planet. What are they? Here is the list.

New South China Mall

If you have a chance to go to China, make sure to visit the largest mall in the country and even in the world. It is New South China Mall with large of 6.46 million square feet. It is located in Dongguan and features 7 zones. Each zone represents the icon of the city. For example, there are the Arc de Triomphe and the Venetian Gondola. A rollercoaster is available also for you who want to have fun. The rollercoaster is placed in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Golden Resources Mall in China

Before the record was broken by New South China Mall, Golden Resources Mall was the largest mall in the country and in the world. Unfortunately, the number of visitors is less than what was expected. The developed was initially predicted that the number of shoppers and visitors coming is around 50 thousand. But the fact is far fewer than that. Yes, this mall is designed to be exclusive with expensive and branded stuff. It is considered one of the reasons why people tend to be lazy to visit the mall.

Central World

Central World of Bangkok was opened in 1990 and is known as the biggest shopping mall in Thailand. Different from Golden Resources Mall that looks more exclusive; this mall indeed targets people with low to middle-class income as visitors. That’s why; this mall tends to be more crowded almost every day. 

SM Mall Asia

The fourth rank of the largest mall in the world is located in Metro Manila, the Philippines. The mall was launched in 2006 with only 4 buildings. Interestingly, there is a tram with 20 setters to take you around the mall. So, in case you are just tired walking, this unique transportation device is the best choice. The main spot to visit is an IMAX theatre with the world’s biggest 3D screen. This way, SM Mall of Asia is more than just the largest shopping mall in the country.

4 Best American Shopping Sites for Fashion

4 Best American Shopping Sites for Fashion

What are the best American shopping sites for clothes and shopping items? Talking about general e-commerce and shopping sites, we may have Amazon and Ebay. Then, how is if you only want to buy fashion items? Is there any recommended fashion store in the US to choose? Interestingly, there are so many of them. Even some of them are always included in the best shopping sites in the country and in the world. What are they?


Asos is indeed based on the UK. However, it is currently the biggest online retailer in the USA. This site becomes the favorite one in the realm of fashionista due to the wide collections. If you are looking for original designer products, it is really the best choice. But if your money is limited, you should not worry also. Many products from Asos are still considered affordable for many realms of people. Sure, the quality is still good and maintained well.

Nasty Gal

Compared to some other shopping sites and retailers, Nasty Gal is still considered new. Yes, it was founded by Sophia Amoruso in 2006. However, it just proves that the store can compete well with the seniors. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that the Nasty Gal is named as the fastest growing retailer by INC Magazine. Many collections are available in this fashion online store. Even if you are looking for vintage fashion items, visiting Nasty Gal is the best choice.


Similar to Nasty Gal, Everlane provides many types of fashion items. They are for men and women in various designs and sizes. if you are looking for specific clothes for winter or swimsuit, you can go here also. Everlane is getting more interesting to visit for promotions and discounts available. If you are lucky, you can even get some more benefits like free shipping. Shopping in Everlane is easy and convenient. Besides, the customers’ service is really friendly also.


Revolve hunts women as the customers and marketing targets. Yes, fashion items available in this online store are specifically for women. But if you also want to buy some items for your husband or boyfriend, that’s okay. Some male products are available although the number is limited. Enjoy various branded and designer products here. The prices are reasonable as well as there are many discounts and coupons given. Being founded in 2003, Revolve tries to improve its site to be the biggest women fashion store in the US.

Top 5 News Headlines Around the World

As many big things happen in a while, the top 5 news headlines had flooded the world. The events were rather surprising. It’s really unexpected to see this news suddenly appears.

The Death of Isis Leader

Isis leader, Abu Bakar Al Baghdadi has exploded himself in an operation led by US forces. It was a successful mission without casualty from the delta forces except a minor injury of a dog. The dog chased and cornered the isis leader that he had to ignite his suicide vest. Later, the DNA test and biometric test confirm that the remains really belongs to the isis leader. Trump praises all the delta forces and even the dog that injured in the operation. It was a step forward for world peace.

New Brexit Deadline

The new Brexit deadline is extended to January 31, 2020. Donald Tusk, the president of the European Union Council, agreed that EU would grant the United Kingdom a flextension. It means, if the United Kingdom parliament could ratify the new Brexit deal clearly, they could depart on December 1 or January 1.

the United Kingdom Prime Minister seems had failed to actualize his statement that he would take the United Kingdom out of European Union by October 31. The slogan “do or die” is irrelevant as the law forced the Prime minister to postpone the deal. 

Indian toddler stuck in borewell found dead

Sujth Wilson, a two years old toddler, was stuck in a narrow well. Initially, he was stuck on a 10 meters deep, but then he has fallen further into 180 meters deep well. The well is located in Tamil Nadu, India. Rescuers attempted to keep the toddler alive by pumping oxygen into the well. But the mud seems to cover up the air from the toddler. To pull him up, a second hole parallel to the well was drilled using a Germany machinery tool. 

Unluckily, when he was pulled up, he was already dead. The wound was even decomposed. The autopsy was done in a government hospital before the body was sent back to the family. Later, his parents buried him in the morning. This news becomes the top 5 news headlines that even the Indian prime minister delivered his condolences.

California faces huge powercut

As a wildfire rages, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) shut off the electric power to 970.000 homes and business. It was done because the wildfire risk soared. To avoid further damage, the electricity power as cut. The mass power shutoff was begun on Saturday afternoon and affects nearly one million customers. The area includes California’s wine country, San Francisco, and Sierra Foothills. The wildfire called Getty fire is getting wilder as the dry strong wind blew.

On of Sinaloa cartel successfully took back his brother from Mexico forces

Ivan Archivaldo Guzman was successfully lead a dramatic counter attack to rescue his half brother. He launched an attack that threatened the civil people and securities family. If his brother is not returned, he would make Mexico in extraordinary chaos. Responding to the threats, the Mexico forces return the son of el cheapo to avoid undesirable things. The dramatic action went into the top 5 news headlines.

What to Do When People Ask You; Give Me The Latest News

What to Do When People Ask You; Give Me The Latest News

Have you ever gotten a command “give me the latest news” from anyone—it can be your friends, relatives, or even it is a task from your teacher. So it means you have to read more than one resources to sum up one information about the latest news. There is also the structure of telling the news to other people, basically here are the structure of the news : 

  1. Headline—it is also known as the title of the news that contains the first or opening information of it 
  2. Deadline—after you have some up a lot of news make the conclusion, you also need to mention the resource of that news. In this part the things that you have to tell them are the name of the websites, the place where the phenomena happened, and when did that phenomena happen
  3. Lead—it contains the main information of the phenomena 
  4. Body—this part is used to elaborate on the main information so the people who will get the news that you have given will get the whole information 

Even though you do not report and make the news directly, you have to make sure that people who ask “give me the latest news” get the right information. When you only read from one resource and do not compare to another website, it will also make some problems. Here is the case, you do not really understand about that news because you only read from one resource and the person who ask you to tell that news gets some questions related to that news but you actually are not really sure whether you have the right answer or not, so you just answer the question based on your mind and heart. After that it turns out that the answers that you have given are not 100% right, the other day there is another person who asked about the same news to the person that asks you “give me the latest news” and he or she also gave the same information which is not 100% right. So it is like you are telling the fake news to some people through one person. 

The thing is, we all need to master and know the facts before we tell it to anyone. Sometimes the person who asks you to tell the news to them are not able again to read (example : old people) or it is a task from your teacher. So make sure everything is right and clear in the beginning.